Jon Pascall

"The links that Brookes has with industry and their top reputation means that they are able to offer great opportunities to their students, setting them up for a great career in the construction industry.

My placement year was invaluable in getting me into to the job I am in now, working at one of the top project management companies in the country. The year was such a steep learning curve because you're dealing hands on with clients, consultants and contractors to deliver a project to the meet the clients' high expectations. It is a great opportunity to discover how the theory from your degree is put in to use practically. Projects rarely run as smoothly as the theory suggests and each project is different which is what makes it such an exciting challenge.

The Gypsy Lane campus, where the School of the Built Environment is based, is absolutely fantastic as everything is within a five minute walk. Oxford is such a great place to be a student, after all a large proportion of the population are students.

The element of the course that I got the most benefit from was the construction law module. Having a fundamental understanding of both Contract and Tort law is vital for me in my line of work as I am regularly dealing with millions of pounds worth of contracts.

In this industry being able to get on well with people is one of the biggest skills assets you can have. It really is an important skill to learn and helps you to set yourself up with a good placement year and that's where your career is going to start."