Charlie Gordon-Harris

Before you came to Brookes what did you study and where?

Getting lower A-level grades than hoped for is every student's nightmare, and Charlie Gordon-Harris was devastated when his results arrived. Grades of C, D, and E in biology, business studies and economics just weren’t good enough to secure a place on a degree course in Real Estate Management at Brookes.

Like many students he opted to take a gap year, but unlike most he chose to spend his at university, rather than travelling or taking time off. The hard working Charlie went off to France to study a range of different subjects including history, art, economics and politics. His hopes of enrolling at Brookes still burned brightly, but he left it too late the following year, and the course was full when he applied.

"I thought that was the end of my chances of studying real estate, and I was very disappointed. But then I was given an unconditional offer for the Foundation course," he says. "If I can complete that with the right grades, I will go straight onto a Real Estate Management degree. I am really glad I am doing a Foundation course, as it is helping me a lot," he enthuses. "When I started I had regarded it as just a means to an end, a way of getting onto the degree course. Now I am totally positive about it as I am learning about things I wouldn't have done otherwise, and it's all really useful stuff."

"Environmental Science was a new subject to me, and I found it incredibly interesting. I hated physics at school, but the lecturers at Brookes are completely different and made it so much more relevant. I also got a lot out of the building side of things. For example, we have learned how to make basic structures, such as a cantilever. What I like about the Foundation is that it covers a broad range of topics, without going into too much depth, which gives me a good overview."

Charlie, 19, comes from Sussex, and his long term plans are to work in property management in America. "A Brookes education is going really help me when I come to manage a business. It's also been great fun studying and living here. I'm a keen climber, and the university is one of the few with an interior climbing wall. The sports facilities are pretty good."