Jenner (Contractors) Ltd

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  • What is your company's involvement with Oxford Brookes University?
  • We have not worked with any other Oxford Brookes students before, apart from Will.

  • What do you think is the value, to business in general and your company in particular, of being involved with Brookes?
  • Clients are certainly enthusiastic when meeting Will.

  • What do you think is the value to Brookes of being involved with your company?
  • We are an experienced firm, and offer to help students learn and find their own feet in what can be a daunting industry.

  • How do you think students benefit from being involved with your company / doing work experience with your company?
  • Jenner tries to look after all its employees and allows students to experience the industry as it really is, by letting them deal with real life situations which is vastly advantageous to their learning.

  • How do you rate Brookes students/graduates?
  • Will is certainly keen to learn, and has adapted to an unfamiliar environment as professionally as he can.

  • What do you think Brookes students/ graduates bring to a company and to the work-place?
  • Youthful, professional and optimistic in what can be a tiring work place.


William Wilson


Jenner Contractors Ltd


Jenner Contractors Ltd


Century House
Park Farm Road
Park Farm Industrial Estate
Kent CT19 5DW

Size of company

+100 staff


Associated course

Construction Project Management