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  • What is your company's involvement with Oxford Brookes University?
  • One of your students, Will Shrieve, has been working in our London office on his placement year out from university.

  • What do you think is the value, to business in general and your company in particular, of being involved with Brookes?
  • It is important for us to market ourselves to students, and hopefully attract good quality graduates to apply for roles within our business. We specifically look for graduates with RICS accredited degrees, and being able to show commitment to their career development. A placement year is good evidence of this.

  • What do you think is the value to Brookes of being involved with your company?
  • We have an excellent APC pass rate, and offer a comprehensive APC study programme to all graduates and placement students. We are keen to make sure that any placement student works closely with one particular member of our team to get a good depth of experience in their projects, rather than skimming across the surface of many projects for many different people. We also try and ensure they get a good breadth of work experience covering pre and post contract. We are committed to our development programme and many placement students return in a graduate role.

  • How do you think students benefit from being involved with your company / doing work experience with your company?
  • We have been able to offer a wide range of experience on some of our projects, and as time has progressed, a good degree of responsibility for his own workload. He has quickly become a valuable member of our team. Will has also been able to commence his APC process, and we have given him support with this – the same level of support as our full time graduates receive upon starting their APC.

  • What are your impressions of Brookes in terms of how the university relates to industry/business /employers?
  • Well organised placement, course appears relevant and RICS accredited which is a significant advantage to us. Will has good background knowledge and is able to relate experience at work back to his studies. Sandwich courses give graduates a good opportunity to seek experience to help in their final year and dissertation, and potentially secure a job upon graduating. This should be encouraged.

  • What do you think Brookes students/ graduates bring to a company and to the work-place?
  • With regards to our existing student Will, he is an excellent student and we have invited him to attend out graduate assessment centre to apply for a graduate role starting September 2013. As a company we encourage the recruitment of young people into the industry and are committed to their development.

  • Is there an opportunity for a follow-on placement?
  • Opportunities within our London office for year out placements are advertised on our website (




Faithful+Gould (Oxford)

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