Buckingham Group Contracting Limited (BGCL)

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  • Industry / nature of work undertaken
  • Land Regeneration, Infrastructure, Industrial and Commercial, Retail, Rail, Sports and Leisure

  • Locations
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  • History
  • Dating back to the formation of Buckingham Plant Hire in 1955, over the past ten years Buckingham Group has been one of the fastest growing Civils, Rail and Construction Contractors in England.

  • What is your company's involvement with Oxford Brookes University?
  • Currently employing Mr David Morgan for his industrial training year. (Construction Management Degree at Oxford Brookes)

  • What do you think is the value, to business in general and your company in particular, of being involved with Brookes?
  • Undergraduates/graduates are the best source of management staff.

  • What do you think is the value to Brookes of being involved with your company?
  • We have given David the opportunity to sample the industry from a contractors perspective and I'm sure he will go back to Brookes for his final year with better skills to achieve his degree.

  • How do you think students benefit from being involved with your company / doing work experience with your company?
  • They get to see what the industry is really like first hand, this can't be taught in the class room.

  • What are your impressions of Brookes in terms of how the university relates to industry/business /employers?
  • David approached Buckingham's himself. We have not had any direct contact with Brookes. This is the first time Buckingham Group have employed an undergraduate from Brookes.

  • How do you rate Brookes students/graduates?
  • David has had a very successful placement year with us. He has continued to demonstrate reliability, enthusiasm and responsibility in all his work.

  • What do you think Brookes students/graduates bring to a company and to the work-place?
  • As a newcomer to the industry Dave is highly motivated to succeed and is willing to learn and adapt to fulfil his job role.


David Morgan



Buckingham Group Contracting Limited (BGCL)


Buckingham Group, Silverstone Road, Stowe MK18 5LJ

Size of company

The contracting company employs 169 people, while the plant company employs a further 93.



Associated course

Construction Project Management