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  • What is your company's involvement with Oxford Brookes University?
  • No formal involvement. We currently are providing work experience/placement for Olly Saxton and we have employed Brookes Graduates previously. We currently have a day release employee studying at Brookes.

  • What do you think is the value, to business in general and your company in particular, of being involved with Brookes?
  • Brookes provides business with Graduates and particularly where this is combined with work it allows the Student to become more effective more quickly.

  • What do you think is the value to Brookes of being involved with your company?
  • It allows Brookes Students to taste the work environment and put into practice the theory studied on their courses.

  • How do you think students benefit from being involved with your company / doing work experience with your company?
  • See above plus the opportunity to see many departments in a compressed timescale to decide which part of the business they prefer.

  • What are your impressions of Brookes in terms of how the university relates to industry/business/employers?
  • This impression varies from Student to Student and is driven more by them than OBU itself.

  • How do you rate Brookes students/graduates?
  • We employ Graduates from both OBU and other FE/HE establishments. We find OBU Graduates to be on a par with other Graduates.


Berkeley Group Holdings Plc


Berkeley Homes


Berkeley House
Abingdon Science Park
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+£700 million annual turnover


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Construction Project Management