What you, the student, can expect from our Mentoring Scheme

From February 2013, our Mentoring Scheme will offer second year students (a group of up to 25 in the 2012-13 session) the opportunity to experience a one-to-one connection with a member of OBREMS (our alumni association).

This experience will be especially beneficial for students who do not already have established connections within the real estate industry. If you decide to take part in the Mentoring Scheme it will be up to you to make the most of the relationship with your Mentor – we will of course support you and offer guidance as you enter into this important relationship.

Here are five good reasons why you should think about taking part:

You will register on LinkedIn and start to develop your online profile and professional networks.

You will gain valuable insights into the industry in which you wish to build your career.

You will be able to discuss ideas for your dissertation and receive feedback from someone with experience of the process.

Discussions with your Mentor will offer excellent opportunities to cultivate, share and test out new ideas.

You will be able to start to plan your own career - possibly in areas you might not otherwise have explored.

We have decided to use the professional networking site, LinkedIn, to create a dedicated group where students can view mentors profiles and select their preferred choices for mentor. You will need to create your profile on LinkedIn – this will give you the additional benefit of starting your professional network whilst you are still a student. If you need some help creating your profile then take a look at the link below.

Once you have been selected to take part in the Mentoring Scheme you will be able to look at the profiles of mentors by joining the Mentoring Scheme LinkedIn Group. You can then express your preferences for a mentor by emailing Georgina Dalton. The Department will work together with OBREMS to match students with mentors, taking into account students’ preferences as much as possible. The Department will also organise an introductory meeting for all those taking part (mentors and mentees). After that it will be over to you. To help you we have produced a Mentoring Scheme Guide for Students