Dr Youngha Cho

Senior Lecturer, Research Associate - OISD: RELP


Dr. Youngha Cho is a senior lecturer in the School of the Built Environment. Prior to this she was a post-doctoral researcher at the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research, University of Cambridge (2001-2004) and a researcher at the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement (1986-1994). She holds a first class honours degree and a first class master degree in management studies from the University of Ewha, Seoul, Korea and gained her PhD from London School of Economics and Political Science in 2000. Her research interests include micro analysis of housing market and house building industry, social and affordable housing, intermediate tenure and residential mobility. She has published several research papers in leading academic journals including Journal of Housing Economics, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Real Estate Economics, and Construction Management and Economics. She is member of a variety of academic research bodies, such as ENHR, APNHR, ERES, AsREA and AREUEA.

Teaching Interests

Property management and professional practice, strategic management of corporate real estate, residential property market and analysis, applied research methods.

Research interests and consultancy expertise

Market analysis in the property industry, house-building industry, strategic property management, housing market analysis, housing affordability, housing finance and mortgage market, social housing and intermediate housing tenure, residential mobility.

Examples of recent projects


  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Planning obligations: what factors deliver affordable homes and what alternatives are there?, Co-PI
  • 2007/2008

  • The Korea Housing Corporation/Sogang University, Government intervention in housing supply: an international comparative study
  • Quality research project, The UK housebuilding industry: an analysis of post-Barker structural responses
  • 2006/2007

  • Department of Community and Local Government, Modelling the future take-up of low-cost homeownership products, Co-I
  • 2005/2006

  • Oxford Brookes University, Promising Research Fellowship, Benefits and risks of Low Cost Home Ownership in different housing markets
  • 2004/2005

  • The Housing Corporation/ University of Cambridge, Residential Mobility in Social tenants in London and North Region
  • The Housing Corporation/ University of Cambridge, Affordable housing in London: Mobility and locational aspirations

Examples of recent publications and conference papers

Refereed Journals and Book Chapters

Cho, Y., Hwang. S. and Lee, Y. The dynamics of appraisal smoothing, Real Estate Economics. (forthcoming)

Cho Y. and Whitehead, C. The immobility of social tenants: is it true? does it matter?, Journal of Housing and Built Environment. 2013, (28) pp 705-726.

Cho, Y. S. Hwang. and S. Satchell, The optimal mortgage loan portfolio in the UK regional residential real estates, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2012

Cho, Y, Different tenures, different households, in Whitehead, C.M.E. and Monk, S (Ed) Making Housing More Affordable: the role of intermediate tenures, 2010 Blackwell publishing & RICS foundation.

Cho, Y. Diversification of Korean Housebuilding Firms: The Pattern and Motives between 1980 and 1995, Habitat International, 2007 (31) pp277-290

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Cho, Y. Economic Efficiency of Multiproduct Structure: The Evidence of Korean Housebuilding Firms, Journal of Housing Economics, 12 (4), 2003. pp. 337-355

Cho, Y. The Organisational Boundaries of Housebuilding Firms in Korea, Construction Management and Economics, 2003, 21 (7). pp.671-680

Papers under-preparation

Cho.Y, S Hwang, J. Shin, Do we care about illiquidity in residential properties?

Cho. Y. An analysis of UK housebuilding sector's response to post-Barker policy changes

Cho, Y., Cho, M, Pang, S Kim, K Government Intervention in Housing Supply and the Housing Output: A comparison of five global cities.

Cho.Y and Turner, P, High-density living in England: recent trends and directions for future growth

Other publications

Cho, Y. The UK Housebuilding industry: An analysis of post-Barker structural responses, Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development Working paper, Oxford Brookes University. 2011

Cho, Y. Government Intervention in Housing Supply: An International Comparative Study: England Case Study. For the Korea National Housing Corporation. Seoul. Korea, 2009.

Cho, Y. Shared ownership in UK: the current issues, a consulting paper written for Korea National Housing Corporation, March 2008

Cho, Y. and C. Whitehead, Low Cost Home Ownership in different housing markets, Dataspring Discussion Paper. Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, 2006

Marshall, D. and Y. Cho, Housing Association Service Charges and their Relationship to Rents, Dataspring Discussion paper 11, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, 2005

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