Dr Tim Jones

Senior Research Fellow in Sustainable Urban Mobility

My research interests focus around how urban environments can be (re)configured to support and promote sustainable urban mobility and particularly walking and cycling. By 'sustainable urban mobility' I mean ways of moving around built environments that are more democratic, healthier and that minimise environmental impact and that ultimately contribute to cities being better places to live, work and play (i.e. they are more 'liveable'). I am also interested in the concept of mobility more generally and in particular how certain types of mobility (particularly cycling) are given meaning within certain geographical, social and cultural contexts. I try to develop an understanding this phenomenon through novel mixed method approaches to try to reveal the physical, social and cultural factors that influence everyday travel decisions and how this affects journey practice and experience.

My PhD is in urban planning (awarded by Oxford Brookes University, 2008) and focused on the impact of Sustrans' UK National Cycle Network on cycling at the neighbourhood level. Before commencing my PhD at Oxford Brookes I worked for transport consultancy firms on travel demand management and sustainable tourism projects in the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland, and also, the national environmental regeneration agency, Groundwork, promoting sustainable practice within communities. My first degree is a BSc (Hons) Environmental Science and I also hold an MA in Environmental Management.

I sit on the government's Cycle Stakeholder Forum and was a contributing member of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) programme development group responsible for issuing public health guidance on promoting walking and cycling. I have also acted as an evaluator on behalf the European Union's Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (EU-STEER).

Research and teaching interests

International transport policy and practice; transport, energy and carbon reduction; land use planning and the relationship between urban form and travel behaviour; the contribution of non-motorised / active travel towards health, well-being, liveability (inc. social capital) and sustainability; lifestyle and psychosocial factors affecting travel behaviour; urban street design and the shared space concept; transport and social inclusion particularly in relation to young people's mobility; everyday mobility and the application of mobile methods.

Examples of recent projects

Currently involved with the following research studies:

  1. Independent Mobility as a Critical Aspect of Children's Development and Quality of Life: Co-investigator working in partnership with the Policy Studies Institute updating data from the pivotal study One False Move (Hillman, Adams & Whitelegg 1990) to provide a longitudinal comparison of changes in children’s independent mobility in England and Germany. The study is also developing collaborations with international partners to investigate the state of children’s independent mobility across the globe. (Duration: September 2009 – March 2012).
  2. Understanding Everyday Mobilities: Principal Investigator co-ordinating a study to investigate the everyday experience of commuters to Oxford Brookes University using mobile methods and focusing specifically on the social, cultural and psychological aspects of a seemingly mundane and routine practice. (Duration: January 2010- December 2010).
  3. Understanding Walking and Cycling (UWAC): Co-investigator on this EPSRC 3 year funded study which aims to develop a better understanding of the complex ways in which households and individuals make everyday travel decisions about short trips in urban areas. The research adopts a mixed methodology, but with the main emphasis on in-depth qualitative research of households in four different geographical locations in England (Duration: October 2009 – September 2011).
  4. Low Carbon, Low Energy Transport for Oxford: In partnership with colleagues in the School of Technology and also Social Sciences and Law, and external partners, working towards developing scenarios for electrification of transport infrastructure using the case of Oxford as part of the Department for Transport’s Plugged in Places programme. (Duration: November 2009 – October 2010).
  5. iConnect (Impact of COnstructing Non-motorised Networks and Evaluating Changes in Travel): Tim is working part of his time as a Research Fellow with the Transport Studies Unit, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, on this 5 year EPSRC funded study. This aims to measure and evaluate the changes in travel, physical activity and carbon emissions related to Sustrans' Connect2 project and other physical interventions. (Duration: May 2009 – May 2013).

Examples of recent publications

Journal articles, reviews and book chapters

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Conferences and Presentations

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