Prof Stephen Ward

BA (Hons), Diploma URS, PhD
Professor of Planning History
Research Associate OISD:SPG


Stephen V. (Steve) Ward is widely known internationally for his work in the field of planning history. He is a former President of the International Planning History Society 1996-2002 and remains a member of its governing Council. He is also a former editor of the refereed journal Planning Perspectives and continues as a member of its Editorial Board. He is also an Editorial Board member of the American refereed Journal of Planning History. He is one (of three) Academic Editors of the Royal Town Planning Institute book series published by Routledge. Over a career spanning more than 40 years, he has published extensively, mainly on historical matters relating to planning with many books, book chapters, articles and other outputs to his name. His works are widely cited by planning historians and others.

He often speaks on planning history subjects at conferences and other events in a variety of countries, including, since 2006, the USA, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands and the UK. In July 2012, he delivered the prestigious Gordon Cherry Memorial Lecture at the International Planning History Society Conference in Sao Paulo. A video of the presentation is available at and the presentation itself can also be downloaded here. This can be read in conjunction with the text of the lecture, reproduced in the article listed below (Cities as planning models, 2013) In February 2013, he delivered the keynote address at the conference ‘Windows upon Planning History’ held in Kassel, Germany. During March 2014 he was an invited academic visitor at Massey University in New Zealand.

Steve Ward has a 0.2 FT post at Oxford Brookes University which is fulfilled during Semester 1 (when he normally attends the University on Thursdays and Fridays) and during the summer period (when he normally attends on Tuesdays).

Teaching interests

Planning history and theory, research methods etc

Research interests and consultancy expertise

Planning history, especially the international circulation of planning knowledge, garden cities and new towns, planning historiography, transnational planners.

Examples of recent projects

(with Butina-Watson et al) 2004-2006 Transferable Lessons from the New Towns, undertaken for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. This research aims at identifying transferable lessons from the New Towns Programme for the Growth Areas initiative. The research report was published in 2006 at

Recent publications (since 2006)

In preparation

The Pioneers, Institutions and Vehicles of Planning History, in C. Hein (ed), The Routledge Handbook of Planning History, New York: Routledge (2016) (final version for November 2015 submission).

Planning Diffusion: Instruments, Regulation, Tools and Techniques, in C. Hein (ed), The Routledge Handbook of Planning History, New York: Routledge (2016) (final version for November 2015 submission).

Urban Planning Visits and Anglo-Soviet Communication in the 1930s and 1950s, Russian Journal of Communication, (due for submission July 2015).

Colin Buchanan’s American Journey: A study in British planning attitudes to the United States in the early 1960s, for submission to Town Planning Review before end December 2015 (This is a project funded by the Oxford Brookes University Central Research Fund due to begin August 2015).

Awaiting publication

The Peaceful Path: Building Garden Cities and New Towns, Hatfield: Hertfordshire Publications (estimated publication date, Spring 2016).

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