Sally Sims

B.Sc Real Estate Management, Doctor of Philosophy
Senior Lecturer in Real Estate and Real Estate Law
Research Associate - OISD:RELP

Teaching Interests

Dr Sims joined the department in 2004 and has focused her teaching on developing student's knowledge of the legal principles associated with professions in Real Estate and Construction, problem based learning, encouraging sustainability in the built environment, and bringing together the disparate knowledge students acquire throughout their degree programme to encourage an holistic approach towards managing our built environment.

Research Interest and consultancy expertise

Dr Sims' area of expertise is in the use of hedonic modelling and survey based techniques to establish the impact of environmental features on property and land values. Recently completed projects include an RICS funded project into wind-farms, client based research on rural exception sites and an analysis of the real versus perceived impact on house values from the presence of overhead electricity lines, exploring developers attitudes towards microgeneration (in particular, the inclusion of small wind and solar power, in residential development.

Her research continues to focus on quantifying the impact of detrimental environmental conditions on property values with particular interest in renewable energy generation. She is a member of the Stakeholders Advisory Group on EMF (SAGE) who is looking at the possibility of introducing the precautionary principle with regard to building homes near high voltage overhead power lines. Current funded research is focusing on occupier demand for green office space.

Examples of recent publications and conference papers

Research Projects

'The impact of wind farms on house prices in the UK'. Co-author, Peter Dent. Oxford Brookes University Funded by: The RICS Education Trust

2005-06. 'A Report on Rural Exception Site Values –prepared for Cottsway Housing Association', Co-author, Dr Ann Boon. Oxford Brookes University. Funded by: Cottsway Housing Association

2005. 'Wind Farms, Power Lines and Phone Masts: The Changing Face of Stigma' Co-author, Dr Richard Reed Melbourne University, Australia Funded by: Oxford Brookes University


Sims, S. & Dent P. (2007) 'Property stigma: Wind farms are just the latest fashion'. Journal of Property Investment & Finance Vol. 25 (6) pp. 626 - 651

Sims, S. & Dent, P. (2005). 'High voltage overhead power lines and property values: a. residential study in the UK'. Urban Studies 24 (4) pp.665 – 94.

Sims, S. & Dent, P. (2004) 'Power lines and house prices: real versus perceived impact' Australian Property Journal 2004.

Press Reports

The Times (2005) 'Power play by house builders' 17-5-05
The Business (2005)19-6-05
Planning (2005) 'Study verifies pylon impact' 12-08-05

Conference Papers

European Real Estate Society Conference, London, 2007. 'Cashing in on the Green Machine: are developers missing out?' Co-author Dr Claire Roberts.

European Real Estate Society Conference, Milan Italy. 2004. 'High Voltage Power Lines and Property Values: A comparative analysis of real effects versus perceived effects' Co-author P. Dent

American Real Estate Society (ARES) Conference in Captiva Island, Florida. 2004. Paper 1. 'High Voltage Power Lines and Property Values: Real, versus perceived effects' Co-author Peter Dent

Paper 2. 'The Impact of High Voltage Overhead Power lines on the Value of Residential Homes in the UK: A summary of the research conducted for a partially completed Doctoral Thesis'

PRRES Conference, Brisbane, Australia. 2003. 'The Effects of Public Perception on Property Values in Close Proximity to Electricity Distribution Equipment'

European Real Estate Society (ERES) Conference, Helsinki, Finland. 2003. 'The Effect of Electricity Distribution Equipment on the UK Residential Property Market' Co-author: Peter Dent