Prof Ramin M-Keivani

Professor of International Landy Policy and Urban Development
Research Lead and PhD Research Tutor
Director of OISD: RELP

Teaching interests

Research Methods, International Land Markets, Housing and Land Policy, Globalisation, Urban Development and Urban Governance in Developing Countries

Research interests and consultancy expertise

Ramin Keivani is an urban development specialist with a particular interest on the interface of economic globalisation, development of land markets and urban growth and their impact on urban equity and sustainability, particularly in relation to low income land and housing provision in developing and transition economies. He has long experience of international comparative urban research. These include projects funded by the University of Oxford, International Labour Organisation, Inter-American Development Bank, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the United Nations University, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Government of Iran and Government of Sharjah. As part of these activities he has undertaken research in many locations around the world including the UK, Central/Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, China and Asia Pacific. He has also acted as a consultant on the Urban Upgrading and Housing Reform Programme (UUHRP) in Iran advising on the City Development Strategies (CDS) component of the work for the Ministry of Housing and the World Bank. He has produced over 30 publications in international journals and two research books related to his work.

He is the founding and managing editor of the International Journal for Urban sustainable Development and sits on the steering group for the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign.

Examples of recent projects

  • Olympic legacies in UK and Brazil - funded by Santander
  • UK-Brazil Urban Research Network – funded by Future of Cities Programme (University of Oxford)
  • Creation of green jobs through sustainable refurbishment in developing countries – funded by the International Labour Organisation
  • Advisor on the Urban Upgrading and Housing Reform Programme in Iran: Initial feasibility study on City Development Strategies – funded by the World Bank and Government of Iran
  • The role of property markets in supporting economic and social development in China – funded by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Examples of recent publications and conference papers

Cao, A and Keivani, R (forthcoming - 2013) The limits and potentials of the (housing) market enabling paradigm: An evaluation of China’s housing policies from 1998 to 2011, Housing Studies.

Klink, J and Keivani, R (2013) Development as we know it? Change and continuity in the production of urban and regional space in Brazil, International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, 5(1), pp 1-6.

Ngombe, A; Keivani, R; Stubbs, M and Mattingly, M (2012) Participatory approaches to land reform in Zambia, Environment and Planning A, 44, pp 1785-1800.

F.H. Abanda; A, Ngombe; R, Keivani and J, Tah (2012) The link between renewable energy production and Gross Domestic Product in Africa: A comparative study between 1980 – 2008, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 16 (4), pp 2147-2153.

Keivani, R; Tah, J; Kurul, E and Abanda, H (2010) Green jobs creation through sustainable refurbishment in the developing countries, International Labour Office, Geneva.

Keivani, R (2009) A review of main challenges to urban sustainability, International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, May/Nov 2009, pp 5-16.

Werna, E; Keivani, R and Murphy, D (2009) Corporate Social Responsibility and Urban Development in the cities of the South, Palgrave/McMillan.

Keivani, R; Mattingly, M and Majedi, H (2008) Public management of urban land, enabling markets and low income housing provision: the overlooked experience of Iran, Urban Studies, 45(9), pp1825-1854.