Prof John Glasson

Emeritus Professor
Co-founder of OISD
Co-founder of Impact Assesment Group
Director, Oxfordshire Economic Observatory

Teaching interests

Regional development and planning; environmental impact assessment; SEA/sustainability appraisal; economic analysis; and tourism impacts analysis.

Research interests and consultancy expertise

As above, with a focus on the socio-economic impacts of major projects, sustainability appraisal, evolving regional planning and governance, and energy and tourism impact studies.

Recent appointments /awards

  • Academician of the UK Academy of Social Sciences (2009-date)
  • Commissioner, UK Infrastructure Planning Commission (2010-to date)
  • Visiting Professor, School of Built Environment, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia (2002-date)
  • Visiting Professor, UTM, Malaysia (2008-to date)

Examples of recent projects

  • Socio-economics impacts adviser to Jacobs/Hitachi for Wylfa Nuclear New Build (2014 to date)
  • Lead Examining Inspector (PINS-NI) for Hornsea 2 OWF (2015-2016)
  • Examining Inspector (PINS-NI) for Hornsea 1 OWF (2013-2014)
  • Member of Independent Peer Review Panel for Qatar National Plan (for Qatar Government) (2010)
  • Adviser to Dutch Government on scope of environmental assessments for new nuclear power station proposals (for Dutch Government) (2010)
  • Adviser to UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) on EIA/SEA/SA procedures for managing nuclear waste (2010 to date)
  • Independent Review Panel: Plan for Thames Estuary 2100—funded by Environment Agency (ongoing)
  • The local socio-economic impacts of the potential UK nuclear new build programme—funded by British Energy (ongoing)
  • Oxfordshire Economic Observatory projects. Innovation by Adoption – the case of Milton Park, Oxon—funded by NESTA (ongoing)
  • Socio-economic impacts of decommissioning nuclear power stations – funded by Magnox Electric (ongoing)
  • Editor, Routledge Natural and Built Environment series (ongoing)
  • Economic Ecology of Small Firms—for Federation of Small Businesses
  • End-state Consultation Process for Decommissioning of JET (Joint European Torus) fusion project—for UKAEA
  • Skills base in the planning system – funded by the LGA, EO & ODPM
  • Offshore wind farms. Initial socio-economic studies (Wash) and monitoring studies – funded by National Wind Power
  • Rural Economy of South Downs – funded by Sussex Downs Conservation Board
  • Assessing Significance in EIA – funded by ESRC
  • Application and Effectiveness of EU EIA Directive – funded by EC DG Env

Examples of recent publications and conference papers


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