Dr Graham Wood

Reader in Environmental Assessment and Management
Joint Course Leader MSc Environmental Assessment and Management
Director of OISD: IAG

Teaching interests

Environmental assessment and management; GIS and information technology in environmental planning and management; environmental decision-making.

Research interests and consultancy expertise

Impact assessment and environmental decision-making; GIS and spatial analysis in environmental assessment and management problems; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures and quality; auditing and evaluating environmental assessment methods; environmental inequality.

Examples of recent projects

  • Expert review of Environmental Impact Statements - funded by Terence O'Rourke Ltd
  • Measuring Social Sustainability: Best Practice from Urban Renewal in the EU - funded by the European Investment Bank
  • The Operation of the EIA Directive in Respect of the Wadden Sea Region - funded by the Wadden Sea Forum
  • Evaluating Significant Environmental Effects: Fuzzy Sets and Decision Making in EIA - funded by the ESRC and ODPM
  • Five Years Report to the European Parliament and the Council on the Application and Effectiveness of the EIA Directive - funded by the European Commission
  • Determining Significant Effects within Environmental Risk Management for the Ministry of Defence - funded by: ESRC with Defence Estates, Ministry of Defence

Examples of recent publications and conference papers

Wood, G. (2008) Thresholds and criteria for evaluating and communicating impact significance in environmental statements: 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'? Environmental Impact Assessment Review Vol. 28 (1) pp. 22-38

Wood, G., Rodriguez-Bachiller, A. and Becker, J. (2007). Fuzzy sets and simulated environmental change: evaluating and communicating impact significance in environmental impact assessment. Environment and Planning A, Vol 39 pp. 810-829

Evans, J., Wood, G. and Miller, A (2006) The risk assessment–policy gap: an example from the UK contaminated land regime. Environment International. Vol 32 (8) pp.1066-1071

Wood, G., Glasson, J. and Becker, J. (2006). EIA scoping in England and Wales: practitioners approaches, perspectives and constraints. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Vol. 26 pp 221-241

Wood, G. and Becker, J. (2005) Discretionary judgement in local planning authority decision-making: screening development proposals for environmental impact assessment. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 48 (3) pp. 349-371

Therivel, R. and Wood, G. (2004) Methodological Approaches and Techniques for Strategic Environmental Assessment, in Schmidt, M., João, E., and Knopp, L (eds.), Implementing Strategic Environmental Assessment, Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

Wood, G. (2003) Modelling the ecological footprint of green travel plans using GIS and network analysis: from metaphor to management tool?, Environment and Planning B, Vol. 30 pp. 523-540