Elizabeth Wilson

Reader in Environmental Planning
Acting Director - OISD:IAG

Teaching interests

Sustainability; climate change; environmental appraisal; spatial planning; governance

Research interests and consultancy expertise

Spatial planning response to climate change in UK and Europe; environmental appraisal of plans; futures-thinking & scenarios

Examples of recent projects

  • MACIS (Minimisation of and Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity): funded by EU Framework 6, led by Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ Leipzig-Halle 2006-2008
  • BRANCH (Biodiversity requires adaptation in NW Europe under a changing climate) policy review for English Nature: Intereg IIIB funded (with Dr. Jake Piper) 2005-06
  • England Biodiversity Strategy: implications of climate change for towns and cities theme: funded by DEFRA (led by CEH, with BTO and Dr. Jake Piper) 2005-06
  • Adaptation to climate change in the Sustainable Communities Growth Areas: funded by DEFRA and Three Regions Climate Change Partnership (led by LUC, with CAG Consultants) 2004-06
  • ASCCUE Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change in the Urban Environment: funded by EPSRC (led by University of Manchester; with Cardiff and Southampton Universities) 2003-06
  • SECTORS South East Climate Threats and Opportunities research Study: for SE England Climate Change Partnership, funded by SEEDA (with Dr. Jake Piper) 2004-05
  • The Planning Response to Climate Change: funded by DETR/ODPM (led by CAG Consultants) 2000-04

Examples of recent publications and conference papers

Wilson, E. and Termeer, C. (2011 forthcoming) Governance of climate change adaptation: Introduction to the Special Issue, Climate Law Vol. 2(2) pp.1-9

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