Dr Christos Vidalakis

BSc(Hons), PGCert, MSc, PhD


Christos joined the School of the Built Environment in August 2012. He is a Senior Lecturer in Construction Management and has a wealth of experience in supporting, coordinating and delivering knowledge exchange activity. He has led the development of training courses specifically designed for Construction Clients and construction SMEs. Previously, working at the University of the West of England, Bristol; he was involved in a number of industry initiatives such as the Construction Knowledge Exchange, Constructing Excellence Demonstration Programme and Constructing Excellence South West. He remains closely linked to Constructing Excellence and his research places significant emphasis on knowledge transfer and industry innovation.

His research aims to support the industry in achieving better supply chain integration, improved process efficiency and faster adoption of technological innovations. He is currently the principal investigator on the ERDF funded “Future Fit” project aiming to improve the process and change the behaviour of SMEs towards the adoption of BIM and Soft landings. He has a developing publication record with one of his publications awarded the 2012 Outstanding Paper Award in the Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence. Christos is also involved in teaching, at undergraduate and postgraduate level adopting, to a great extent, a research-informed teaching approach to help students to develop their analytical and problem solving skills and become independent learners.

Teaching interests

Project Management, Project Planning and Procurement, Construction and Property Management, Construction Law and Procurement, Facilities Management.

Research interests and consultancy expertise

Supply Chain Management and Construction Logistics, Construction Clients and Sustainable Procurement, Construction Contracts and Procurement, Performance Measurement (Project, Corporate, Supply Chain), Facilities Management, Building Information Modelling, Change and Risk Management.

Examples of recent projects

  • Principal Investigator: ERDF - South East European Regional Development Fund Programme 2007 to 2013, “Future Fit Build Assets”, £150,000 (Overall project value £1.3m) (September 2013)
  • Principal Investigator: UWE - Grants for early career researchers, “Sustainable transport and distribution of construction materials and waste”, £17,260 (June 2012)
  • Coordinator: National Efficiency and Improvement Partnership and Centre for Construction Innovation North West, “Construction Clients: Procurement and Integration film”, £12,000 (August 2010)
  • Research Fellow: South West Regional Development Agency, “Constructing Excellence South West and Future Foundations”, £668,000 (August 2009)
  • Coordinator: Constructing Excellence, “Demonstration Programme in the South West 2007-2009”, £9,000 (December 2007)


Refereed journal papers

  • Vidalakis, C., Tookey, J.E. and Sommerville, J. (2013) Demand Uncertainty in Construction Supply Chains: A Discrete Event Simulation Study, Journal of Operational Research Society, Special Issue, Vol. 64, pp. 1194-1204
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  • Vidalakis, C., Tookey, J.E. and Sommerville, J. (2011) Logistics Simulation Modelling across Construction Supply Chains, Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management, Vol. 11(2), pp. 212-228

Refereed conference papers

  • Sun, M., Vidalakis, C. (2011) A Maturity Model for Measuring the Capability of Project Teams in Managing Changes, International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management (ICCREM), 18-20 November, Guangzhou, China
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Industry publications

  • Vidalakis, C. (2011) Construction Procurement, directed by Patrick Schulenburg, London: Oliver Island
  • Vidalakis, C. (2008) Constructive Series Case Study Report, Constructing Excellence, London
  • Vidalakis, C. (2008) Keynsham Primary Care Centre Project Report, Constructing Excellence, London
  • Vidalakis, C. (2008) Sure Start Children’s Centres Phase Three Programme Report, Constructing Excellence, London
  1. Winner, Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Paper Awards for Excellence 2012
  2. Most industry relevant conference paper
  3. Best conference paper award