Achara Khamaksorn

PhD Real Estate

Thesis Title: Knowledge Transfer Processes in International Construction Joint Venture Projects in THAILAND.

Achara has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Engineering (Construction Engineering and Management) from Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, THAILAND. She practised as architect with one of Thailand’s construction management firms, International Project Administration Company Limited (InterPAC), from 2000 to 2010. She was also an associate lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture and a research assistant at the Faculty of Engineering from 2009-2010. She currently holds a full-time lecturer position in the Department of Knowledge Management, College of Arts, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, THAILAND.

Achara was awarded a three-year PhD scholarship by Chiang Mai University in September 2014. She is currently carrying out an MPhil/PhD project and is attached to the Construction and Project Management Group, School of the Built Environment. Her Director of Studies is Prof. Joseph Handibry Mbatu Tah and her second supervisor is Dr. Esra Kurul.

The focus of her research is on knowledge transfer processes through social networks in the International Construction Joint Venture (ICJV) projects in THAILAND. This is based on the fact that the success of an organization in today’s competitive business environment is strongly related to its ability to utilise knowledge and build its capacity. Managing its knowledge and capacity effectively may help an organization sustain its competitive position in the changing business environment. Learning is the improvement of practices resulting from knowledge transfer amongst firms. Thus, there is no doubt that professional construction organizations will need to become learning organizations to remain competitive. As such, a better understanding of how knowledge in ICJV projects is transferred and adopted is needed. Therefore, the aim of her research is to identify and understand the processes of transferring knowledge in ICJV projects in order to develop a knowledge transfer framework for joint venture partnerships for Thai construction companies.

Her study integrates organisational learning theory and social networks theory to better conceptualise and explain how knowledge is successfully transferred in ICJV projects in Thailand. To face the challenge of international competitiveness, Thailand’s construction companies need to learn and understand the process for transferring knowledge in ICJV projects. This process will help develop and improve their knowledge and capacity so that they can become more internationally competitive. Therefore, there is a need to establish a knowledge transfer framework for ICJV projects. Her study will contribute to the understanding of knowledge transfer through organizational learning and social networks in ICJV projects. Furthermore, there will be a practical contribution in the form of a framework and recommendations on how to use it for ICJV projects in Thailand.