Trang Cong

What made you decide to come to Oxford Brookes University?

After working with Savills Vietnam for 3 years, when I decided to pursue a Master degree in the UK, I was careful to compare the options and choose a university that met my criteria for teaching quality and ranking, as well as the environment of the city. Brookes was at the top of my list. My managers and colleagues who used to study and work in the UK also gave Brookes strong recommendations. This is one of the leading modern Universities with a very up to date curriculum. The Oxford city itself is a beautiful city to live with amazing heritage and architecture. I was completely convinced that I could have the best opportunities in my choice of real estate in this university and in this city. And it has been proved that I made a good choice.

What does this Scholarship mean to you? Did this award enable you to study at Oxford Brookes?

It is my great honour to have been awarded the scholarship, this eases my burden on self-finance and its an big encouragement for me to fully concentrate on my study.

How have you found your experiences of the University so far?

I have been impressed with the facilities of the college. All the staff here are very helpful. For the built school particularly, all the lectures are dedicated and tailored to our progress and teach useful real-world skills. I have been studying in a very practical environment with feasible projects and fieldtrips, since I was working in the industry and I know that all we are studying now in the programme are applicable in our future jobs. The one- year master degree is very intensive and requires us to work hard, but I and my course mates are all very motivated as we can see ourselves improve every single day at Brookes.

Any other comments?

I advise all the potential students to apply for Brookes since you can have the best education in the best active environment here, and living in Oxford City also the best time in your life.