Lizzie Whetman

When I was an undergraduate I decided that I wanted to do a vocational master's degree. I knew I wanted a career in property and therefore it was most important to be able to study at a university that had a highly regarded reputation for this course. Studying at Oxford Brookes was particularly relevant when it came to interviews for graduate jobs - Oxford Brookes has an excellent reputation amongst the property companies.

Throughout the year at Brookes I have been fortunate enough to get involved with student representation and witnessed at first hand how dedicated and supportive the lecturers are, as well as providing excellent, varied teaching.

With fewer than 50 students on the course we became a close group and socialised together, supporting each other during the course. The strong friendships we made will be particularly important in our future careers knowing that many of us could be colleagues and/or clients in years to come.

I will look back at my time at Brookes with fondness; I am leaving with a valuable qualification, great friendships and the prospect of a career with Savills.