Grant Cawte

What made you choose MSc PMBE?

Primarily the course content. This course would help my career development by giving me a good base for all areas of construction as I am working in an engineering part of the council. This knowledge will help me better manage construction based project risks and allow me to spread best practice through the directorate I work in. I will also be able to work more effectively with other professionals involved in projects such as engineers, quantity surveyors, legal, etc to ensure appropriate project outcomes are attained.

What do you think of the course now you’re here?

The course is very good and certainly recommended as it has provided me with valuable and practical information that I have been able to act upon in the workplace. The broad nature of the course is excellent as it covers all the areas one may come across in managing construction type projects. Most importantly the course makes you think, it does not spoon feed you answers. It makes you consider the appropriateness of concepts to other areas and challenges you to build and implement solutions.

Do you also work, as well as study?

I work full time at Oxfordshire County Council as well as study. My current project is on the re-tender of the council’s property provider which includes design and build, estates management and facilities management.

How did your scholarship or bursary enhance your experience of the course?

My employer has supported me financially with this course. The dividends of working whilst studying are that I can instantly take my learning and implement it at work straight away. This is also a benefit to my employer as they receive the benefit of their investment immediately as well. There have been a number of things where I have literally walked out of the university one night and walked into work the next day and used that knowledge to do things more effectively.

What differences do think you are making in your work place as a result of studying MSc PMBE?

I think I have been able to make a number of differences to the project that I am working on at the moment, particularly around procurement and law. However the most valuable knowledge I have gained is around the leadership and management aspects of the course. The technical concepts are one thing. However if you don’t have the leadership or management qualities to influence or motivate they can amount to nothing.

What advice do you have for others?

Do not be put off if you do not have a technical or engineering background. Allocate plenty of time to do the work and read more broadly than just the literature that is presented to you, as otherwise you won’t get the most from the course.

Grant’s manager, the Deputy Director of Environment and Economy at Oxfordshire County Council said:

"Grant is a valuable asset to the property project and the knowledge he has gained from the PMBE course at oxford Brookes has influenced how we manage this project."